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JPay Login: Jpay is a privately held corrections related service provider based in the United states with its headquarters in Miramar, Florida. The company contracts with state departments of Correction, country jails, and private federal prisons to provide technologies and services including money transfer, email, video visitation and parole and probation payments to approximately 1.5 million inmates throughout 35 states.Jpay, a company that provides digital communications systems to corrections facilities in at least 19 states, is charging inmates and their families an unusual fee to stay in touch the intellectual property rights to everything sent through its network. Jpay is a private company that partners with state, country and federal correctional facilities across the country to provide safe,reliable and convenient services for family and friends of inmates and payment solutions for offenders parolees and probationers.Jpay credit card is issued by Sunrise Banks N.A.,Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Use this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the cardholder agreement. Jpay relase cards are available now. This is a good and useful innovation that will be really helpful. So, if you have a family or friend who is in the correction process in the prison, you have to know more about the services and facilities of this card.

JPay Login

Register To Your JPay Progress Card:

The Jpay Progress Card is a prepaid MasterCard that can be used to purchase goods and services anywhere the Mastercard logo is displayed. While your progress card is automatically set up for swipe transactions. It must be registered and activated to take advantage of these additional benefits.

  • ATM withdrawals
  • Load funds
  • Update your PIN
  • checkManage and view account information.

How To Send Money Using JPay Credit Card:

There are 4 methods that Jpay can serve you with whenever you find the need to transfer money to the inmate. One of the methods would be Jpay send money using credit card. This method includes as online payment system on Using this method alone to Jpay send money to inmates can be pretty beneficial too. You can fill the Jpay credits which are the account balance of the inmate. Here, you can check both the availability and pricing in every state of America for the needs of Jpay send money using credit card. But you need to stay login. How to transfer process are mentioned below:

  • GOTO MY JPAY ACCOUNT: First send money credit card processing will have to start by you logging in to It is the company’s official website, so you can be sure it is credible on. see around the site and you should be able to find send Money menu. All you need to do to Jpay send money using credit card is to click on it and you will be brought to the next step of the processing procedure.
  • SELECT TRANSFER CATEGORY OF PICK NO.: The next step is how Jpay send money using credit card will need you to make choice between two. These two choices are Transger Category and No Transfer Category. Either choice you make, you just need to choose and click continue for the choice in this very step here and the procedure can move on to the next step.
  • CHOOSE THE METHOD OF THE PAYMENT: This time, what you need to do is to choose card type as a payment methid. In this step of how Jpay send moeny using credit card, you will need to make sure that you fill the correct card validation code and the correct amount to send. If everything is set then you just click on continue.

How To Activate JPay Credit Card Recurring Payment:

If you know you will be sending regular payments to an inmate/offender you may wish to activate recurring payments. Follow some important steps are mentioned below:

  • On the Jpay home page, on the Navigation menu, click Send money.
  • On the send Moeny menu, click Recurring payments.
  • On the Recurring Payment page, click Set up new and then do one of the following:In the Transfer Category list, select a transfer category, then click continue. or If no Transfer Category is available click continue.
  • checkhoose your payment method by selecting a previously saved card from the select card list, or click Use a new credit/debit card to use a new card(you will be prompted to add billing information for the new card)
  • checkIn the enter amount field, enter the amount of money you want to send to the inmate/offender.
  • checkIn the Recurring Start Date box, select the date you want to start the recurring payments on as well as the recurring interval. Then click continue.
  • checkIn the payment verifiction box, make sure the information is correct then click submit.

How To Deactivate JPay Credit Card Recurring Payment?

If you wish to postpone a recurring payment you can deactivate it until you want to start it again. On the Recurring payment page,in the Recurring Payment box you want to deactivate, click Deactivate. The recurring payment will be hold until you re-activate the recurring payment by clicking on Activate.

How To Make JPay Credit Card Payment?

Make all of your community corrections payments with Jpay, and rest assured that your agency will receive those payments quickly and accuratley. To make payments right now, enter your number and state in the search box to the right. You can make your payments online with a credit or debit card from the comfort of your own home, or make a cash payment at any of the 40,000MoenyGram locations worldwide. Making payments with Jpay is affordable and convenient and helps you stay on time and up-to-date with your supervising agency. Jpay also provides a quick and easy way to make a payment using a money order. For many facilities and agencies, you can send a money order directly to the Jpay Money Order Lockbox, where it will be processed electronically.

JPay Release Cards:

Everyone wants anything simple. Ofcourse simplicity make everything easier. In addition, the technology is more and more sophisticated. Ofcourse, it supports everything to be easier in doing something. Jpay release cards are available now. This is a good and useful innovation tht will be really helpful. Jpay release cards have so many benefits for both inmates and their friends or families. In addition, the cards are also easy to ue with simple way. Jpay release cards become a sloution for what you need to an inmate in the correction process in the jail because of this simple way most of the people love it. The advantage include buying so many services as well as goods anywhere and anytime you want. This cards also comes with logo.If you want to be able to use Jpay release cards, you hve to register first. Then, you can use it for transaction automatically. However, it requires you to activate it by registering. If you have registered and activated it then you can enjoy various Jpay release card benefits. It also comes with various useful features and there are still many other benefits you can get from this card. Overall, we can conclude that Japy relase cards are very helpful and useful. In addition, the simplicity makes the services more satisfying. Anyway it belongs to one of the best facilities provided by Jpay. So, you have to be able to use this card and enjoy alot benefits as well as possible. You can activate the card simply and easily. You just need to go or visit the official website and then activate it. After that, you will be able to manage your account. It depends on the benefits you need it means all what you have to know about Jpay release cards. If you think that you need this card then you have to get this card as soon as possible. So, you can enjoy the benefits sooner.